APS-DPP 2016

Pegasus Conference Presentations at the 58th APS-DPP, San Jose, CA, 2016

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wdt_ID Primary Author Title Type Abstract Presentation
4 Reusch, J.A. Advancing Non-Solenoidal Startup on the Pegasus ST Talk Abstract Presentation
5 Schlossberg, D.J. Electron Temperature Evolution During Local Helicity Injection on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment Talk Abstract Presentation
6 Bongard, M.W. Overview of Non-Solenoidal Startup Studies in the Pegasus ST Poster Abstract Presentation
7 Perry, J.M. Non-Solenoidal Tokamak Startup via Inboard Local Helicity Injection on the Pegasus ST Poster Abstract Presentation
8 Bodner, G.M. Thomson Scattering Measurements During Local Helicity Injection in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment Poster Abstract Presentation
9 Barr, J.L. MHD and Reconnection Activity During Local Helicity Injection Poster Abstract Presentation
10 Fonck, R.J. H-mode and ELM Characteristics at Ultralow Aspect Ratio in the Pegasus Experiment Poster Abstract Presentation
11 Burke, M.G. Development of a Technique for Measuring Local Electric Field Fluctuations in High Temperature Plasmas Poster Abstract Presentation
12 Bakken, M.R. Neutral Beam Source and Target Plasma for Development of a Local Electric Field Fluctuation Diagnostic Poster Abstract Presentation

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