APS-DPP 2015

Pegasus Conference Presentations at the 57th APS-DPP, Savannah, GA, 2015

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wdt_ID Primary Author Title Type Abstract Presentation
3 Bongard, M.W. H-mode and Edge Physics on the Pegasus ST: Progress and Future Directions Talk Abstract Presentation
4 Perry, J.M. Expanding Non-solenoidal Startup with Local Helicity Injection to Increased Toroidal Field and Helicity Injection Rate Talk Abstract Presentation
5 Reusch, J.A. Non-solenoidal Startup via Local Helicity Injection on Pegasus: Progress and Plans Poster Abstract Presentation
6 Fonck, R.J. The Pegasus-Upgrade Experiment Poster Abstract Presentation
7 Thome, K.E. Effect of Aspect Ratio on H-mode and ELM Characteristics Poster Abstract Presentation
8 Barr, J.L. Power Balance Modeling and Validation for ST Startup Using Local Helicity Injection Poster Abstract Presentation
9 Hinson, E.T. Physics of Plasma Cathode Current Injection During LHI Poster Abstract Presentation
10 Schlossberg, D.J. New Electron Temperature Measurements During Local Helicity Injection and H-mode Plasmas at the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment Poster Abstract Presentation
11 Bodner, G.M. Spatial Expansion and Automation of the Pegasus Thomson Scattering Diagnostic System Poster Abstract Presentation
12 Kriete, D.M. H-mode Edge Turbulence and Pedestal Measurements in Pegasus Plasmas Using Langmuir Probes Poster Abstract Presentation
13 Bakken, M.R. Progress Toward a New Technique for Measuring Local Electric Field Fluctuations in High Temperature Plasmas Poster Abstract Presentation
14 Burke, M.G. Ion Heating During Local Helicity Injection Plasma Startup in the Pegasus ST Poster Abstract Presentation

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