Startup Systems

Pegasus-III is a dedicated experiment to develop physics understanding of solenoid-free tokamak startup with the goal of simplify cost and complexity of reactor-class devices

Local Helicity Injection (LHI)

Compact, high power ~ MW current sources located in the plasma SOL is used routinely in the Pegasus ST to produce high performance Ip ≤ 0.225 MA with ne ~ 1019 m-3, Te ~ 100 ev plasmas

Next-gen advanced, non-circular LFS injectors  with low Vinj and high Ainj are being developed for use on Pegasus-III



Current source

kama photo

Coaxial Helicity Injection (CHI)

CHI uses large area, axisymmetric, passive electrodes to inject helicity.

CHI  system at Pegasus-III targets Ip = 0.3 MA

Collaboration with University of Washington

CHI concept