Public Data Sets

Pursuant to the Pegasus Data Management Plan (DMP), the Pegasus research group is committed to a publishing work flow that enhances public access to digital research data. This page provides a listing of public data sets accompanying peer-reviewed publications subject to public data disclosure under the DMP.


DS2022-1 — Public Data Set: Magnetic Turbulence and Current Drive During Local Helicity Injection

DS2022-2 — Public Data Set: Public Data Set: The New Pegasus-III Experiment

DS2022-3 — Public Data Set: Digital Control and Power Systems for the Pegasus-III Experiment

DS2022-4 — Public Data Set: A Coaxial Helicity Injection System for NonSolenoidal Startup Studies on the PegasusIII Experiment


DS2021-1 — Public Data Set: Initial Characterization of Electron Temperature and Density Profiles in PEGASUS Spherical Tokamak Discharges Driven Solely by Local Helicity Injection


DS2019-1 — Public Data Set: Advancing Local Helicity Injection for Non-Solenoidal Tokamak Startup


DS2018-1 — Public Data Set: Non-inductively Driven Tokamak Plasmas at Near-Unity βt in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment

DS2018-2 — Public Data Set: A Power-Balance Model for Local Helicity Injection Startup in a Spherical Tokamak

DS2018-3 — Public Data Set: Radially Scanning Magnetic Probes to Study Local Helicity Injection Dynamics

DS2018-4 — Public Data Set: Initiation and Sustainment of Tokamak Plasmas with Local Helicity Injection as the Majority Current Drive

DS2018-5 — Public Data Set: Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy for High Speed Measurements of Stark Split Neutral Beam Emission in a High Temperature Plasma


DS2017-1 — Public Data Set: Continuous, Edge Localized Ion Heating During Non-Solenoidal Plasma Startup and Sustainment in a Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak

DS2017-2 — Public Data Set: Noninductively Driven Tokamak Plasmas at Near-Unity Toroidal Beta


DS2016-1 — Public Data Set: High Confinement Mode and Edge Localized Mode Characteristics in a Near-Unity Aspect Ratio Tokamak

DS2016-2 — Public Data Set: Impedance of an Intense Plasma-Cathode Electron Source for Tokamak Startup

DS2016-3 — Public Data Set: Erratum: “Multi-point, high-speed passive ion velocity distribution diagnostic on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment” [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83, 10D516 (2012)]

DS2016-4 — Public Data Set: On Virial Analysis at Low Aspect Ratio

DS2016-5 — Public Data Set: Control and Automation of the Pegasus Multi-Point Thomson Scattering System

DS2016-6 — Public Data Set: H-mode Plasmas at Very Low Aspect Ratio on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment

DS2016-7 — Public Data Set: A Novel, Cost-Effective, Multi-Point Thomson Scattering System on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment

Supporting Software / Toolkits

Public data sets are provided here in openly-documented, machine-readable formats. Additional information regarding these formats and  recommended software packages to access them are detailed below.

Igor Pro Packed Experiment Format (.pxp)

Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)

ZIP / ISO / IEC 21320-1:2015(E) Document Format (.zip)