Pegasus utilizes MDSplus as part of its data management systems. We make heavy use of LabView and Igor Pro on the Macintosh platform as well. LabView support is currently limited in both ease of use and platform availability (i.e. Windows only). No support exists for Igor Pro in the current MDSplus distribution.

Therefore, a compatibility library, mdscwrap, has been written which wraps the provided MdsLib C entry points and provides an interface to LabView (versions 8.0 and up) on all supported operating systems: Windows, OS X, and Linux. An Igor Pro XOP which provides similar accessibility to MDSplus data is also available for Windows and OS X. Mdscwrap has been in active use at Pegasus since 2006.


  • Cross-platform LabView/Igor — MDSplus interface
  • C, LabView, Igor Signal data structures
  • Simplified methods for reading/writing up to 8D Arrays and Signals
  • Driver program demonstrating library use in C, LabView, Igor

Mdscwrap is available to the general public via anonymous SubVersion checkout, at svn:// However, it is not under active development. Please feel free to contact the author, Michael Bongard, at, with questions or comments.