APS-DPP 2018

Pegasus Conference Presentations at the 60th APS-DPP, Portland, OR, 2018

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wdt_ID Primary Author Title Type Abstract Presentation
3 Bodner, G.M. Non-Solenoidal Startup Using High-Field-Side Local Helicity Injection on the Pegasus ST Talk Abstract Presentation
4 Reusch, J.A. Research Directions on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment Talk Abstract Presentation
5 Rhodes, A.T. Establishing Low-Field-Side to High-Field-Side Local Helicity Injection Startup Scenarios Poster Abstract Presentation
6 Bongard, M.W. Advancing US Non-Solenoidal Tokamak Startup Studies with a Proposed Upgraded Pegasus Experiment Poster Abstract Presentation
7 Pierren, C. Development of Fully Digital Control of Pegasus Power Systems Poster Abstract Presentation
8 Rodriguez Sanchez, C. Impurity Characterization in LHI-Driven Discharges on the Pegasus Spherical Tokamak Poster Abstract Presentation
9 Richner, N.J. Investigating the Role of High-Frequency Magnetic Activity in Local Helicity Injection Dynamics Poster Abstract Presentation
10 Schaefer, C.E. Characterization of Low-Frequency MHD Activity in Local Helicity Injection Poster Abstract Presentation
11 Weberski, J.D. Predictive Modelling and Helicity Dissipation Scaling Studies for Local Helicity Injection Non-Solenoidal ST Startup Poster Abstract Presentation
12 Smith, D.R. Microtearing Instabilities, ∇B Reversal, and Magnetic Drifts in the Pegasus Local Minimum |B| Regime Poster Abstract Presentation

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